About Wandrer

Wandrer started out of Concrete Jungle , an Atlanta non-profit that picks fruit from around the city and donates it to local homeless shelters and food banks. As part of Concrete Jungle, we spend a lot of time wandering the city in search of fruit trees.

Several years ago, Concrete Jungle had a project with the US Forest Service to document all fruit trees in the English Avenue, Vine City, West End, Castleberry Hill and Mechanicsville neighborhoods of Atlanta. The fruit trees in these neighborhoods ended up being the least interesting part: there were so many unfamiliar places, historic sites, abandoned houses, pleasant streets, and strange industrial zones that were way more interesting.

Atlanta, like many places, is a city of wonderful little neighborhoods. This means not only that there are many great places to live, but also that it's very easy to stay within your bubble.

Wandrer is meant to encourage you to take a small action against going where you'd normally go. There are many places out there worth seeing for their own sake. To find new parks, to see how your neighbors live, to eat at new restaurants, and to be some place new and unfamiliar in your own city.

Plus there's a map and a leaderboard.

Activity Processing Issues

Why haven't my activities been processed?

Sorry! This can take a bit of time, especially if you have many (1000+) of Strava activities. I do monitor this regularly, but please get in touch if you think something is wrong.

Why are there small holes in my map? I know I've completed those roads before...

This is something I'm working on. GPS data is often not as perfect as we would like, especially if you're in a city near tall buildings. It should be in a much better state these days, and should only have occasional gaps of a few feet/meters but let me know if something seems very wrong.

Some (or all) of my activities are missing.

If other activities are missing, chances are they just mis-classified in Strava. They need to be either a "Ride", "EBikeRide", "Handcycle", or "Velomobile" for Wandrer to process them.

I connected my Strava account and synced my activities with Wandrer, but then old activities that I added to Strava aren't appearing in Wandrer.

Free users on Wandrer are limited to importing 50 activities prior to sign-up. If you have upgraded on Wandrer, your older activities on Strava will process automatically and may take up to 24 hours to appear. If you notice errors after this time frame, send Craig an email and he can get it straightened out.