It's a big world out there-
let's get lost.

Wandrer is an exploration game where you win by going to new places. Whether on bike or on foot, discover hidden nooks, earn achievements, and get started on your quest to dominating the roads of your city and beyond.

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Wandrer analysis

Wandrer shows you in-depth details of your run, hike, walk, or bike ride such as new roads, towns and neighborhoods that you pass through, and your progress in each. Just connect your Strava account and your activities and data are synced.

Discover your town
(or state, or country!)

The more you meander and traverse new roads, the more points you’ll earn. Try to complete as much as you can: hike or ride every road.

Here for the adventure

Explore famous trails, find iconic landmarks and weird stuff, take photos, get lost, have fun.

A new kind of challenge

Wandrer is more about uncovering the roads not yet covered than speed. Along the way, you’ll have opportunities to collect achievements for special areas and tasks you can perform that earn you additional points on top of the points you receive for your miles.



Unlock premium features

Level up your experience with the Wandrer Extra Lost upgrade.

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Connect and sync unlimited activities, including all past activities

Sync all of your activities and build out your entire map with your past activities and future activities for the year.

Get unlimited downloadable maps + access to the Wandrer Browser Extension

Easily explore new places on the go with maps for your Garmin Edge, Wahoo ELEMNT, or Hammerhead Karoo device.

Participate in monthly & yearly challenges

Win extra points by being the person to travel the most new roads in your area during the month/year.

What Wandrers are saying...

bryan quote Photo: Ximena Natera Berkeleyside/CatchLight
I’ve been inspired by Wandrer to walk hundreds of hours more than I would have otherwise. Wandrer has helped me explore every part of my town, and changed the way I think about the places I visit. - Bryan
rich quote
Wandrer has changed how I ride my bike. Instead of riding the same route to work, I've explored all of Manhattan. Instead of riding the same loops on the weekends, I've found so many new roads, climbs, and views. - Rich
ray quote
I’ve been a Wandrer subscriber since 2021, and it’s been a game-changer in making training fun. Wandrer helps me find new and interesting places to ride rather than the same old routes. - Ray

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Our story

Wandrer started out of Concrete Jungle, an Atlanta non-profit that picks fruit from around the city and donates it to local homeless shelters and food banks. As part of Concrete Jungle, we spend a lot of time wandering the city in search of fruit trees.

Several years ago, Concrete Jungle had a project with the US Forest Service to document all fruit trees in several Atlanta neighborhoods. The fruit trees in these neighborhoods ended up being the least interesting part: there were so many unfamiliar places, historic sites, abandoned houses, pleasant streets, and strange industrial zones that were way more interesting.

Atlanta, like many places, is a city of wonderful little neighborhoods. This means not only that there are many great places to live, but also that it's very easy to stay within your bubble.

Wandrer challenges you to take a small action against going where you'd normally go. There are many places out there worth seeing for their own sake. To find new parks, to see how your neighbors live, to eat at new restaurants, and to be some place new and unfamiliar in your own city.

Let's do this.

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